Our services

Discover our complete range of services for your car.

Financial services

We offer our clients tailored financial services. The proposed solutions are flexible and designed to meet the various financing needs of our customers, together with the possibility of subscribing to accessory insurance services at advantageous conditions.

Free estimates

Our staff is always available to prepare free estimates, with the aim of best assisting the customer in his purchase. Contact us for more information.

Bodywork service

We offer a highly specialized bodywork service through accurate repairs and painting.

Air conditioning

We carry out repairs and checks to ensure the ideal use of your car’s air conditioner by replacing the pollen filter and sanitizing the system.

Auto Revision Center

We carry out revisions for our customers on the cars of all car manufacturers

Assistance for interventions under warranty

Our service center is able to perform thorough diagnoses quickly, offering free maintenance services when covered by warranty.


Our workshop is able to offer you assistance for various interventions such as, by way of example: servicing, oil change, engine warning lights check, clutch check, low battery, timing belt, braking system, electrical system.

Insurance services

We offer tailor-made insurance services, creating a personalized plan to meet every customer need.

Roadside assistance

Our workshop offers a roadside assistance service with wrecker, active 24 / 24h.

Extra Services

We offer a number of extra services including:
• Automotive practices
• Blue stamp

Car sanitization

Eliminates bad smells and microorganisms that can infect the car thanks to our guaranteed and safe cleaning service with ozone.

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